Wednesday, July 4, 2012


OMG, I'm so going to read this.  Via Amazon:

"Single mom Lachez Baker is a ghetto-fabulous mother of three who seems to have it all, thanks to money from her children’s fathers. But soon, her life of designer clothes, endless parties, and steady cash collides with the man who’s been the target of her carefully crafted paternity fraud."


Because seriously, who wouldn't want to read it with THIS as the opening line to the back summary:

"Tavon, better known as "Sweet," would pimp his own mother -- and he does."


And I may now have the nickname "Hustla" from my coworkers because of my undisguised glee at the thought of reading these books.

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  1. *face palm* And I thought my big, very masculine boss with an addiction to "Young and the Restless" was a hoot... this must take the cake! (Although I must admit, the "Daddy by Default" does make me want to read at least the first chapter...)